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Selective Marketing

Pima County acquired three properties on the Camino de Oeste Project Area totaling 38 acres.  Selective Marketing was purchased on October 31, 2005, Matesich was purchased on November 8, 2005, and more recently, the Serr property was acquired on December 14, 2005.  All three properties are part of a series of acquisitions in the project area.  It is located south of Gates Pass and west of Camino de Oeste.  Acquisition of these parcels will protect views from Gates Pass, expand Tucson Mountain Park, and protect biological and cultural resources.  

Acquisition Cost for 3 properties in total:  $272,734 

Date Acquired: October 31, 2005

Cost: $92,372

Cost Per Acre: $9,237

Acres: 10           

Type: Fee

Bond Category: Community Open Space