Leave a Lasting Legacy

What will be your legacy for the Sonoran Desert wildlife and open spaces you love so much? 

You can protect tomorrow’s Sonoran Desert today by leaving a legacy (or planned) gift to the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. Your planned gift will support a protected and connected Sonoran Desert; endangered species protection; sustainable water resources; intact wildlife linkages; and development directed to appropriate, less biologically-rich lands.

Legacy gifts can be given by anyone and allow you to express your values into the future. They can also make a big difference since many people are able to give more as a legacy gift than they are during their lifetime. 

Leaving a legacy gift is not difficult and often only requires some simple changes to your current estate plans. Visit our Legacy Giving FAQ page to learn more .

Please give our Co-Executive Director Kathleen Kennedy a call at (520) 388-9925 or send her an email at Kathleen.Kennedy@sonorandesert.org and she would be happy to talk with you about your legacy giving options and how you can leave a legacy for the Sonoran Desert.