Protecting the Sonoran Desert for Future Generations

Together with our volunteers, member groups, and donors, we are a strong voice for the people and wildlife of the Sonoran Desert.

Who We Are

We are committed staff and volunteers and a coalition of 32 member groups, ranging from local to international non-profits, who seek to protect and restore the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona. 

What We Do

Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, we pro-actively protect and restore Sonoran Desert habitat and wildlife linkages and defend against threats from short-sighted development. 

How to Help

Volunteer. Donate. Advocate and use your voice. Share our mission with friends and family. 

Where We Work

Our mission and projects focus on the Sonoran Desert ecosystem in southern Arizona, primarily in eastern Pima County.

Our Mission

The Coalition’s mission is to protect the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona through science-based advocacy, education, and collaboration.

Our Vision

We work to create a community where: ecosystem health is protected; nature and healthy wild animal populations are valued; and residents, visitors, and future generations can all drink clean water, breathe clean air, and find wild places to roam.

What’s New and What’s Next

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