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Critter Cam for Kids Full Curriculum/Resources

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Critter Cam for Kids is an interdisciplinary curriculum developed for Grade 4 to support the Arizona Department of Education Life Science and Social Studies Standards. In their elementary school years, students learn about the flow of energy through an ecosystem and the resources and adaptations necessary for survival. They use map skills to identify and understand the relationship between human and natural features.

The curriculum involves students in creative hands-on games and activities to:

  • Identify the food chains that transfer energy from the sun to the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert;   
  • Explore the causes and effects of habitat fragmentation on desert animal species;
  • Read and interpret different types of maps to locate areas that support the diversity of species, corridors where animals can move through the city to reach open spaces, and the places where human/wildlife conflicts occur; 
  • Identify desert animals in images captured by wildlife cameras;
  • Learn the photo sorting procedures done by citizen scientist volunteers to contribute to the data collection necessary for conservation research and public policy.  

Desert Wildlife Coloring Sheets