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Board and Committees

The Coalition currently has a Board of Directors and an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from a few of our member groups. We are grateful for the time, effort, and service of all these wonderful professionals that guide us, provide expertise, and assist with our programs. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (photos and bios coming soon!)

Christina McVie, President

Martin Baumrind, Treasurer








Joy Herr-Cardillo, Secretary



Christina McVie, DesertWatch

Randy Serraglio, Southwest Conservation Advocate, Center for Biological Diversity

Randy works on a variety of public-lands and other conservation issues in Arizona and the Southwest. He joined the Center for Biological Diversity in 2007 and currently leads the Center’s effort to stop proposed copper mines at Rosemont and Oak Flat, advocates for the jaguar and other protected southwestern species, and works to stop the border wall and destructive militarization of the border region. A veteran of many environmental and human rights campaigns, he holds a bachelor’s in Latin American studies from the University of Arizona. 

Trevor Hare, Tucson Herpetological Society

Trevor graduated from the University of Arizona in 1991 with a degree in Ecology. For ten years he studied the impacts of suburban development on rattlesnakes and Gila monsters. Trevor has practiced riparian and upland restoration across the Sonoran Desert and Sky Island Region for the past 25 years and developed a robust methodology for the assessment, planning and design of restoration projects, which has resulted in over $2,500,000 of on the ground restoration work in SE Arizona, SE New Mexico and northern Sonora. Trevor has served on numerous boards and commissions in the region, and has been an adviser to the CSDP since 1998.

Rob Peters, Senior Representative Arizona, Defenders of Wildlife

As a jack-of-all trades in the Tucson Office, Rob collaborates with the Defenders Renewable Energy Group, helping  evaluate and influence renewable energy policies and projects to ensure that renewable energy is developed wisely, with minimum harm to natural ecosystems. He also works on jaguar issues, helping plan for the eventual return of a viable population in the U.S., and he is the lead on Defenders efforts to safeguard Arizona’s Mountain Empire, a Defenders’ priority area surrounding the town of Patagonia. Prior to joining Defenders of Wildlife in 2014, Rob was executive director of the Western Slope Conservation Center in the small town of Paonia, Colorado. Rob received a Ph.D. in biology from Stanford University and a B.S. with highest honors from the University of California at Santa Cruz.