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The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection leverages the experience, expertise, and influence of our 32 member groups into tangible, long-lasting positive change for the Sonoran Desert. Our small staff wisely leverages every donation to make gains for biological diversity, habitat preservation and connectivity, and smart land-use planning in our desert home. You can make a true difference through your donation; volunteer hours; hosting a house party; speaking out through letters, phone calls, and attendance at public meetings; and sharing the Coalition’s work with friends and family!


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Your donation will be used to advance our mission of protecting the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona through science-based advocacy, education, and collaboration. 

Once you make a donation, you will begin receiving our informative bi-annual newsletter, Friends of the Desert, in either hard-copy or electronic form (your choice!).  You will also receive our weekly email A Dose of Desert Joy, our monthly e-newsletter The Desert Scoop, and time-sensitive Action Alerts.


If you simply want to stay informed about the Coalition’s work, we are happy to send our bi-annual newsletter, Friends of the Desert, to any interested party! If you provide your name and email address in the form below , we will also send you our weekly email A Dose of Desert Joy, our monthly e-newsletter The Desert Scoop, and time-sensitive Action Alerts.


We also post regularly in the “News & Updates” section of our website. If you use a feed reader to keep up with blogs, you can add our website to your reader by adding the following URL to your content:


We love our volunteers and invite you to join this fun, dynamic, dedicated group of people! We need volunteers to monitor and maintain our wildlife cameras; sort and identify wildlife camera photos; conduct roadkill surveys; remove old barbed wire fencing; participate in our quarterly highway clean-ups along Oracle Road; write letters to the editor; assist with newsletter and fundraising mailings; table at special events; and help with public outreach activities. If there are activities or issues that you are particularly interested in helping with, please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.

With your help, we can continue to build on our many successes and ensure the protection of our Sonoran Desert home for future generations.

Questions? Send an email to our Conservation Science Director Jessica Moreno at to let us know you’re interested in volunteering, or you can contact the Coalition office at (520) 388-9925. Any time you are willing and able to give is appreciated! 


Interested in learning more about the Coalition in a more intimate setting? Schedule a presentation! We can tailor the presentation to your group’s interests and make it more general or more topic-specific. To discuss or schedule a presentation, please contact the Coalition office at (520) 388-9925 and we’ll put you on our calendar! 


Do you know people who are concerned about the desert, but are unaware of the Coalition and the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan? Help spread the word about the Coalition’s work to your friends, neighbors and co-workers, and help us raise the necessary funds to continue our work by hosting a house party!

Coalition staff will work closely with you to make the party a success. House parties usually last about 2 hours, with enough time for a meet and greet, a short presentation by staff or a Coalition representative, and an opportunity for general discussion. This intimate setting is great for engaging others in the community to support the Coalition. If you are interested, please contact the Coalition office at (520) 388-9925 and we will fill you in on all of the details.