Share Your Photographs

Do you have photos from your adventures and experiences in the Sonoran Desert? Please send them our way!

This form of support connects people with our work – it allows everyone to appreciate the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and the biodiversity of this region through your artistic lens. We’re grateful for all photos, from phone camera quality to professional photography – it’s important to us that our community feels included in our work and that their experiences in nature are represented regardless of their access to photography equipment or experience. If you’d like to share your photos, please send an email to

Photographer Highlights

We are so grateful to have a talented group of photographers who have shared their work with us over the years, and we want to acknowledge these folks in particular! Your photos are the heart of our work. Thank you, sincerely, for your ongoing support for the Coalition through your photography.

Rob Ameln

“I have lived in Arizona since 1970. First in Prescott and then I moved to Tucson in 1978.  I became interested in photography while living in Prescott, and that love has continued since. I like taking pics of all kinds of things – people, plants, animals, wildlife, travel, but my favorite thing is landscapes. The vastness of the Sonoran Desert and the multitude of “things” to photograph is an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what each new day brings. Sunsets and sunrises are my particular favorites, and there are so many of them. My hope is to elicit an emotional response from those viewing my photos, and to share the beauty of the Sonoran Desert at the same time.”

David Pederson

“I am a retired biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and an opacarophile. I love to photograph birds and other wildlife, the rising moon, and Midwest barns. Every time you venture into the Sonoran Desert, it tells a different story.”

David Pederson | Flickr

Claire & Steve Letourneaux

“We are winter residents in Sun City Oro Valley from Portage Wisconsin. We love the contrast between Wisconsin and Arizona! Each has their own unique beauty. We are bird and animal lovers. Although the javelinas and snakes in AZ scare us a bit, we have bear and snakes in Wisconsin as well. We’re happy to spend our winter here in the sunshine.”

David Wrench

“We moved from California to retire in 1998 because of the diversity of plant and animal life here in Tucson. That pretty much answers both of your questions. I post a number of local outdoor photos on Instagram as davidwrench.

Gerry Wolfe

“I’m just a retired guy that has been fortunate enough to have lived and worked in all four deserts in the U.S. I moved to SE Arizona full time in 2008. I enjoy exploring the incredible biodiversity of our Sonoran desert in SE Arizona. I’m especially inspired by the plethora of butterflies that live in, and migrate into, SE Arizona. I’m an active member of the Southeast Arizona Butterfly Association ( ). Photography is a passionate hobby, focusing on butterflies in particular.”

You can view more of his butterfly images on his Flickr page:

Sheryl Hester

Sheryl with her legally rescued coyote that lived with her for 16 ½ years.
“Happy Coyote”

Sheryl Hester has a variety of achievements in her background as a professional artist, photographer, rancher, horse breeder, designer, writer, activist, and law enforcement investigator. Exploring the wild and studying animal behaviors, particularly coyotes, has been her passion throughout her lifetime. She has been nationally recognized for her dedication of advocating for the protection of wildlife and preserving natural habitats by assisting various nonprofit organizations throughout the country. She retired to Tucson from Kalispell, Montana in 2013. Now a senior citizen living in a retirement community, with mobility issues, she was delighted to find an abundance of animals living outside her door and being able to access them on the neighborhood’s golf course where she has been following, identifying, and photographing a coyote pack nearly every day for eleven years. Her daily internet posts about the desert animals connect with nearly one hundred thousand viewers each day.

My blog and information: Sheryl Hester Photographer

This list is not comprehensive of all photographers who have shared their work with us, and our goal is to update this page periodically with new faces! Thank you!