Our Work

In February 1998, the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection was formed by a group of dedicated conservation leaders. 19 conservation groups, both large and small, banded together to advocate for Pima County’s approval of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. These leaders realized that speaking together as one voice would have a much larger impact in the community than working independently. This strategy has worked, over and over again, throughout the last 25 years.

Under the umbrella of our mission, our projects include active, on-the-ground, often time-limited initiatives along with long-term policy and planning initiatives that are the foundation of our work.

Current Focus Areas

  • Habitat Restoration Days

    Join our Desert Wildlife Crossing Crew and improve and restore wildlife habitat on the Oracle Road wildlife crossings!

  • Interstate 11

    Interstate 11 is a destructive, ill-advised proposal for a new interstate next to Saguaro National Park. We support co-location with Interstate 10 and increased focus on multi-modal transportation options.

  • Community Science

    Our multi-pronged Community Science program include remote wildlife camera monitoring, roadkill surveys, removed old barbed wire fencing, and educational programs for local youth!

  • Wildlife Crossings

    We work to connect open spaces within wildlife linkages and facilitate the construction of wildlife crossings, such as bridges and underpasses, at key points along Pima County’s major roadways. 

  • Open Space Preservation

    Protecting open spaces is a cornerstone of our mission, including both local, state, and federal protected lands and functional open space in private developments.

  • Living with Desert Wildlife

    Information about living with desert wildlife, injured animals, rescuing cactus, and more.

Long Term Policy & Planning

  • Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan

    The Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan serves as a model for habitat conservation plans around the country. It has long served as the foundation of our work.

  • Habitat Conservation Planning

    Pima County’s Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan is a ground-breaking plan that protects 44 vulnerable, threatened and endangered species around Pima County.

  • Mining in the Santa Ritas

    The Coalition opposes the construction of the Rosemont Mine in the Santa Rita Mountains.

  • Conservation Lands System

    The Coalition works directly with developers and homebuilders to ensure their projects are compliant with Pima County’s Conservation Lands System, leading to better projects for people and wildlife.

  • Arizona State Trust Land Reform

    The Coalition has been a long-time proponent of State Trust Land reform, advocating for the conservation of select State Trust Land parcels for wildlife, riparian habitat, and recreation.

  • Water Resources

    Through smart land-use planning and strong local policies, we advocate for the conservation of existing water resources and the riparian habitat these water resources support.