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Thank you for donating today in support of open spaces, wild places, connected habitat, healthy wildlife, and a world where we can connect with each other and our beautiful Sonoran Desert home.

Your gift will fund:

  • The re-connection of open spaces in fragmented wildlife linkages in southeast Arizona, including our new focus on the Rincon-Santa Rita-Whetstone Mountains wildlife linkage along I-10 East.
  • The protection of new open spaces and the defense of existing open spaces such as the Tortolita Preserve.
  • Sound water policies that value water for the environment and wildlife.
  • Continued monitoring of local governments and state and federal agencies to ensure they are developing and implementing forward-thinking conservation policies, based on the best available science.
  • A robust response against threats such as the proposed I-11 route, the Rosemont Mine, and other shortsighted proposals.

Monthly giving is another wonderful option that provides a steady foundation for our work and makes giving easy and automated (simply click the box under the Donation Amount below to select your giving schedule). Thank you so much for your support – you inspire us every day.


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