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Meet Our Donors

We love our donors! Our donors are a critical piece of our success and provide much-needed financial support for all of our projects. They are also our ambassadors. They speak up for the Sonoran Desert at public meetings and spread the word about our work to friends and family. In their own words, we’d love to introduce you to a few of our wonderful donors and why they’ve decided to support the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection.

Julie St. John

Julie pictureIt’s not just the plants and critters that need the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection to be the catalyst behind open space preservation, habitat conservation planning, and wildlife linkages… WE ALL DO.

It’s not just the tree huggers and the greens who need the Coalition to gather and motivate our political leaders for state trust land reform and water resources policy planning… WE ALL DO.

It’s not just the air we breathe and the water we drink (plus the myriad of biological processes we are not even aware of that we need to survive) which need the Coalition to give voice to the real consequences from the proposed Rosemont Mine and other short-sighted get-rich-quick schemes… WE ALL DO.

And it’s not just me and the rest of the choir who need to give monthly support to help the Coalition protect our homescape… WE ALL DO. The Coalition’s work is essential and effective and its staff is tirelessly (and inspiringly) can-do. The steady stream of individuals’ funding for its day-to-day work allows the Coalition the flexibility to move forward strategically when opportunities present themselves. I have seen so many changes in my almost quarter of a century here, and I cannot tell you how relieved I am to know that the Coalition is here to make sure the Sonoran Desert has a voice. You all have my eternal thanks and support for all you do.


OonaI first learned about your organization because I wanted to donate for my birthday, so we looked for an organization that helped the desert. I decided to donate to the desert because it’s a very unique place and it’s really enjoyable. I think the Sonoran Desert is worth protecting because it is a place for people to be with nature. It is also home to many animals and the only place where saguaro cacti grow.


Judith Meyer

Judith MeyerThe Coalition’s work epitomizes the best sort of advocacy: gentle persuasion, relentlessly applied, utilizing the scientific and political expertise of many segments of the community. Each time I read a letter from the Coalition on a current issue before one of the governmental bodies, I find it impressively researched and written. The Coalition’s diligent work is crucial as a balance to the ever-present pressure to develop more of our open space, rather than rebuild and improve already-developed areas. The Coalition has helped to focus the attention of local governments and other segments of the broader Tucson community on the importance of conservation to the health of the community.

Susan Shobe

Susan ShobeI’ve been a long-time supporter of the Coalition because I’ve been inspired by the work they’ve accomplished in protecting our vanishing wild desert areas. They truly are a coalition – building relationships and working with others to find common ground while holding true to the mission of protecting habitats that will sustain the full range of our native species to the greatest extent possible. Their work reminds us again and again what is best about Pima County, and that the hard work and dedication to saving it really can pay off.

Kathy Renno

Kathy RennoIn the 15 years that Gerd and I have lived in Tucson, we have come to love and appreciate our beautiful desert environment. As residents of the Tanque Verde Valley areas, we consider it a privilege to see bobcats, deer, javelinas, jackrabbit and other bunnies, and even rattlesnakes and other creatures in our neighborhood. We have come to learn about the importance of wildlife linkages to maintain biodiversity and thriving populations. We started out by making a small monthly contribution by automatic withdrawal from our checking account, and we have since found that it doesn’t hurt at all to increase that contribution. Not only have we appreciated the opportunity to financially support an organization that we have grown passionate about, but we are also finding more and more ways to volunteer our time for the work of the Coalition. A big THANK YOU for all the work the Coalition is doing!

Sarah McKenzie

Sarah McKenzieThe desert is full of contradictions – tough, thorny, poisonous and at the same time, fragile, delicate and sweet. I wanted to help preserve this most amazing place. I wanted to get involved with an effective group and I found one. I volunteer with interesting like-minded people, monitoring a wildlife camera, helping with mailings, and lobbying in Phoenix. Financial support is the life blood of a non-profit and is how it carries out its mission. I’ve found giving to be easy and satisfying by setting up an automatic monthly contribution through the website. Supporting the Coalition through volunteering time and money is for me a strong antidote for the powerlessness I can feel watching the disappearing wilderness.

Chuck Graf

Chuck GrafWhen my wife, Mary, and I chose to move back to Tucson last year, I soon learned about the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. There was much to like – action, not talk. They had assembled a truly impressive coalition and were clearly good at working with their coalition partners, including governmental partners. They were protecting desert wildlife corridors between the mountains and getting wildlife over/underpasses built. I now monitor two camera with my cam co-caretakers, Don Broomall and Aleksandra Apostolova, always optimistic about capturing great photos. Looking out from our camera locations, I am encouraged to see that there is still a large swath of natural Sonoran Desert extending to the Tortolitas. Yes, it is encroached on in places, particularly by the I-1o crossing, but if we resolve to, we can protect it and enhance it as a viable wildlife corridor. I picture the animals out there safely padding along on their game trails and hope that we can pass that reality to our children and grandchildren. For me, that is one great reason among many to support the Coalition.