Volunteer Resources

Thank you for all your time and effort volunteering for the Coalition!

Below are some resources for our volunteers. Please let us know at (520) 388-9925 or admin@sonorandesert.org if there are any other resources you would find helpful as a volunteer. We always appreciate your feedback. 

Volunteer Program Staff:

Jessica Moreno, Conservation Science Director
Jonni Zeman, Program and Communications Coordinator

Using the Volunteer Portal

Log into the Volunteer Portal Here (works best with the Chrome browser)

Download the free App for Android on Google Play and the iOS App Store

Training videos on how to use CSDP’s Volunteer Portal and App

Desert Monitors

How to transfer your wildlife camera photos via WeTransfer

Bushnell camera field checklist

Desert Identifiers

How to Identify Wildlife Camera Photos Remotely (for Windows PC)

Guide to Identifying Difficult to Distinguish Mammals Using Wildlife Camera Photos

Desert Roadies

Overview and basic instructions on being a Desert Roadie

General Information

What types of wildlife cameras do we recommend for personal use? 

We recommend checking out the reviews and the beginner’s buyers guide found at www.trailcampro.com. With new models coming on the market all the time, this is a great resource for up to date recommendations and tips. You get what you pay for, so we don’t recommend anything worth less than $100. To minimize animal disturbance, choose an infrared/IR camera over white flash.

More information can also be found at CSDP Conservation Science Director Jessica Moreno’s article in the Desert Leaf, “Wildlife (caught) on camera” which gives more details on wildlife cameras, the different ways they are used, some rules and regulations to think about depending on where you’re placing them, and what to think about when buying one.  Lastly, this article from the NYTimes in March 2021 has a lot of practical tips about what to think about when purchasing a wildlife camera. 

THANK YOU! A heartfelt thank you from our staff to YOU for everything you do to help us advance our mission and protect and restore the Sonoran Desert for years to come. (Check out both a short 30-second video and a longer 7-minute video below.)