Rancho Seco

The County closed on the Rancho Seco property on May 19, 2005.  Rancho Seco is located just north of Arivaca, between I-19 and the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.   The purchase includes 9,553 acres of fee lands, 27,000 acres of federal and state grazing leases, and a conservation easement over 480 acres retained by the sellers.  Conservation of this ranch will preserve a very large, unfragmented landscape within Altar Valley, containing high biological values, habitat for numerous priority vulnerable species, and cultural and historic resources. 

Date Acquired: May 19, 2005

Cost: $18,503,948

Cost Per Acre: $1,932

Acres: 36,574 (9,574 Fee and  27,000 Grazing Lease)

Type: Fee and Grazing Lease

Bond Category: Habitat Protection Priority