Thank you Coalition Volunteers!

This year’s Volunteer Appreciation Picnic was a success!

We started our day in Catalina State Park on a cool autumn morning. When we had our morning group together and the first dose of coffee, we headed down the Bridle Trail. On our journey, we saw birds, bugs and practiced identifying native plants. The wolfberry and hackberry bushes were full of fruit, which was a sweet treat. 

As the day was warming, we headed back to the Ramada and started getting into our picnic! The breeze kept us cool as we chatted and caught up, met new people, and welcomed the rest of the party. Later, we held a small raffle – congratulations again to those who took home a new baby cactus.

As we finished up our party, everyone picked up one of our new short or long-sleeved t-shirts designed to celebrate over 25 years of Sonoran Desert protection. We would love if you wore your CSDP shirt to our future events and volunteer outings!

Thank you everyone for taking time out of your weekend to spend time with us! It was lovely seeing you all in person and celebrating your hard work and dedication to caring for and protecting the Sonoran Desert with us.

We appreciate you! Hope to see you all soon at our upcoming events and next year’s picnic.

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