Support the fight against SunZia in the San Pedro River Valley

For almost 15 years, Coalition member group Cascabel Conservation Association and other conservation groups have been fighting the construction of SunZia, a mega-transmission line from east central New Mexico to Pinal County, Arizona. If built, SunZia would open a huge new utility corridor in the ecologically important Middle San Pedro River Valley, crossing the last un-damned, free-flowing river ecosystem in the American Southwest and a biodiversity hotspot. It would cut across many known wildlife corridors and would threaten the culture of conservation that has been nourished there for decades. Additionally, there are concerns of whether this so-called green energy would even stay in Arizona, or if it would just be en-route to the more lucrative California market. This transmission line, for both economic and ecological reasons, is not in the best interest of Arizona. 

Recently, the BLM issued their Record of Decision for SunZia, getting them one step closer to proceeding. But, what has not been publicized as much is that there is a legal challenge of the Arizona Corporation Commission’’s Certificate of Environmental Compatibility in the courts right now.  Peter Else is the plaintiff who has official recognition as an intervenor in the state proceedings, with support from CCA and donations to pay for his legal representation by a reputable law firm in Phoenix.  If the courts remand the process back to the ACC, we think there is a real chance of persuading the commissioners that this project has very little to offer Arizona besides destruction of one of the last functioning watersheds in the desert Southwest. If they want to bring New Mexico wind energy to Arizona and beyond, they could have chosen a much better, less harmful route, co-located with existing infrastructure. 

Please support the Cascabel Conservation Association and learn more at their GoFundMe link, and spread the word about this fight:

Mica Mountain in the Middle San Pedro River Valley. The proposed SunZia project would be located across the ridge in the mid-ground of the photo. Photo courtesy Cascabel Conservation Association.

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