Honor Hector Conde with your gift today

This past winter, long-time conservationist Hector Conde passed away. Hector Conde (1930-2023) was born and educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hector’s world view was influenced by his classical education; he spoke five languages and studied philosophy, mathematics, opera, art, and poetry. He was an engineer, an artist and an inventor who held dozens of patents.

His understanding of the factors that led to the decay and decline of past civilizations informed his concerns for our beloved Sonoran Desert and the animals who depend on this habitat for their survival. He saw modern policy through the lens of a poet, a historian, and often, a person who simply appreciated the bird songs and blooms in his own backyard.

Hector’s interests were varied and vast, but he was most focused in his later years on concerns about water and on establishing wildlife corridors for the species who live in the Tucson region. He helped collect and analyze data and map potential corridors to connect the Catalina Mountain range to the Tortolita Range. Today, this corridor offers a safe passage for multiple species that otherwise would have died out due to the development that has blocked their habitat.

In his memory, his friends and family have set a goal to raise $5,000 in support of the Coalition’s Desert Wildlife Internship program. So far, we have raised $1,613 in Hector’s memory. Can you donate today and support future conservationists through our internship program? Donations can be made securely at our website anytime: sonorandesert.org/donate-now/ and mention “Hector Conde” in the note for your donation. Thank you!

Nancy Young Wright and Hector Conde in the Tortolita Mountains.