Hello from Hannah!

by Hannah Stitzer

Hello Coalition supporters! It’s been a busy six months for me since I started some new adventures. In August, I began graduate school at the University of Arizona pursuing a Master of Science in Planning degree and I am loving it. I plan on using my degree to promote active and alternative transportation, create sustainable and livable communities, and, of course, to protect open spaces and our environment! I also got married in November at beautiful Oracle State Park with the backdrop of the Santa Catalina Mountains. My husband, Alex, and I took some time to complete a bicycle tour around a portion of southern Arizona in December. We had a wonderful time and saw some beautiful places! With the spring semester underway, I will be interning with the Pima County Bicycle and Pedestrian Program to promote active transportation and make bicycling and walking safer for the community. 

It has been exciting to keep up with the Coalition and to see all the amazing recent accomplishments! It was an honor to work as a staff member and I often reminisce about my time in the field with wildlife camera volunteers. The Coalition taught me so much and inspired me to pursue a planning degree to make a positive impact on the environment and the community. It’s always exciting to me when my classes incorporate the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan or the Oracle Road wildlife crossings into the course material. The Coalition has made amazing strides in conservation, and I plan to use the skills and knowledge I gained from my time with the organization and my education to continue the cause!