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You truly made a difference on November 7th!

November 7th was a very important date for open space conservation in Pima County. This was the date when the bond committee was set to decide on the funding allocation for open space purchases in the 2015 bond election. $120 million was the proposed amount, but the bond committee  was considering reducing this funding.

open space bond

Community supporters filled the hall to support open space.

In the face of this potential threat of reduced funds for open space, the community took action. Hundreds of residents rallied together by writing letters and packing the meeting hall to demonstrate support for a fully funded bond package and the protection of open space. With over 200 people in attendance, the community presence was overwhelming. When the audience was asked to stand to support $120 million, the impact was enormous.

We did it!

Thanks to community support,  the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee voted to recommend $120 million for Open Space in the next bond election.

This is a huge victory for open space, wildlife, and our quality of life! This will provide more adequate funding for open space purchases to expand Tortolita Mountain Park, important riparian areas, and sensitive wildlife habitat. Community support made this victory possible, and the impact will have lasting benefits for Sonoran Desert conservation.

One Response

  1. Susan Husband says:

    Please share with the Bond Committee that it was so heartening to see our democratic process in action, especially after the grueling election cycle when big money seemed to rule the day. I appreciate the time, attention and commitment that every member of the committee has put into this important effort for our local community. To hear people discuss their concerns and bring up questions in a polite and orderly manner was a restorative experience.
    Thank you Bond Committee for your work.
    Susan Husband