Protect Your Voice In Transmission Projects

We need your help to protect local input on big power line projects like the interstate SunZia Southwest Transmission Project!  SunZia has hired a powerful lobbying firm to ram through SB 1517, which would threaten Arizonans’ power to be heard in local hearings on interstate power projects that would pass through our communities.  If this bill passes, by the time you learn of a major interstate transmission project coming through your community, it may be too late.  We can’t let this happen.

There are multiple potential routes the SunZia project could take through southern Arizona. These include routes that go north through the middle San Pedro River valley and south of the Aravaipa Wilderness. The Coalition has taken the position that the preferred route should follow already established rail, highway, and transmission line corridors, such as the Interstate 10 corridor. Regardless, the public should always be given the opportunity to provide input on major transmission projects like SunZia.

Please contact your legislator in the State House of Representatives and ask them to vote NO on SB 1517!
(see talking points below)

**We have tried to provide a general description of the location of each district. If you are unsure which legislative district you live in, please visit the following website and type in your address and zipcode in the top right corner:
Arizona Legislative District Finder

District 26 (Oro Valley, Marana, Catalina Foothills West)
Terri Proud,, 602-926-3398
Vic Williams,, 602-926-5839

District 27 (Tucson Mountains, West University)
Sally Ann Gonzales,, 602-926-3278
Macario Saldate IV,, 602-926-4171

District 28 (Central  and East Tucson)
Bruce Wheeler,, 602-926-3300
Steve Farley,, 602-926-3022 (Assistant Minority Leader)

District 29 (South and Southeast Tucson)
Matt Heinz,, 602-926-3424 (Minority Whip)
Daniel Patterson,, 602-926-5342

District 30 (Sahuarita, Green Valley, Vail, Catalina Foothills East
Ted Vogt,, 602-926-3235
Daniel M. Gowan Sr.,, 602-926-3312

Here are some ideas for what to say:

-This bill could cut local people and local communities out of the picture. We want our voices heard.
-This bill threatens rural property rights.
-We want to protect the state of Arizona’s full review of big transmission projects.
-We need a democratic, transparent process when reviewing transmission projects, not one that favors big-money lobbyists and backroom deals.

Remember, keep your emails short and sweet, but send them. Commenting on this bill is about protecting our right to have our voices heard about transmission projects in our communities!