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Bruce Gungle of Team Coonhound is once again sacrificing body and mind to raise funds for the Coalition. And you can join him!

From July 24-26, Bruce will be competing in "the world’s toughest foot race," the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon. The 135–mile course begins at Badwater Basin in Death Valley (the lowest and hottest point in the Western Hemisphere at -282 feet), then goes 42 miles across Death Valley in the 120°+ F heat of the day, over two 5,000 ft. mountain passes and then halfway up Mt. Whitney to the Portals where the race ends at 8,400 ft.

Bruce’s goal is to finish the race in less than 40 hours. While competitors have up to 60 hours to officially finish this race, completing the brutal 135 mile course in under 48 hours is necessary to earn the coveted Badwater belt buckle. Bruce accomplished this in 2004 when he crossed the finish line after 42 hours, 48 minutes, and 58 seconds to place 26th.

Folks who want to join Team Coonhound in supporting the Coalition can do so by making a pledge per mile of the race that Bruce is able to complete this July 24-26, or by pledging a flat amount.

But the more contributions pledged per mile, the more inspiration Bruce has to continue on, mile after grueling mile, to complete the entire 135 mile race-please see below to find out how! Bruce is also supporting the American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue and all contributions will be split 50/50 between the two organizations.  All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

For this Ultramarathon, Team Coonhound will include 6 crew members including Coalition Director Carolyn Campbell. The crew will be charged with feeding, watering and pacing Bruce, as well as monitoring his health and taking the occasional verbal abuse that only someone running/walking 135 miles in the scorching heat is allowed to dish out. Team Coonhound-both crew and runner–is stoked to once again be part of this incredible feat of endurance and perseverance.

You can watch the race as it unfolds on the Badwater webcast which is accessible from the race website: The webcast will include hundreds of photos, regular updates on the leaders, periodic updates on the rest of the pack, and some general interest stories from the race as it progresses.

Thanks in advance for your support of Team Coonhound and the Coalition. Bruce’s goal now is to raise $6,000 total; please help Team Coonhound get there by making your pledge today–be the first one on your block to kick in!  And be sure to follow the race on the webcast July 24-26.

And get your friends involved–pass this on! More info and updates will be posted on the Coalition website at  

To make a pledge per mile or to receive updates on the Badwater 135 contact with Badwater in the subject line or you can contact the Coalition office at (520)388-9925.

You are encouraged to make a pledge now but to wait until the race is completed before sending in your contribution. Bruce will send out an update on the race and the number of miles completed after the race is over. For example, if you were to pledge $1/mile and Bruce and Team Coonhound complete 90 miles of the 135 mile course, you would contribute $90. If you would like to make a secure online donation use the link below and specify that you would like to make a donation on behalf of Badwater in the appropriate box at the top of the screen:  

You can also send checks directly to the Coalition at 300 E. University Blvd., Suite 120, Tucson, AZ 85705. Please make checks payable to the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection and include Badwater on the check.

All of this information will be included again in the post-race email sent to all who pledged.

(Incidentally, if "Team Coonhound" sounds familiar, it may be because Bruce and fellow Coalition supporter Sergio Avila together with their Team Coonhound bike crew, finished the 508 mile Furnace Creek 508 bicycle race last October, also to support the Coalition. Tales and pictures of this endurance race are archived under "In The Spotlight" on the Coalition website: teamcoonhound3.jpg

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                                                                                                                 Team Coonhound, Badwater 2004