Why Support the Coalition?

Since 1998, the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection has been a leader in conservation issues throughout Pima County.

We work hard to protect beautiful areas like Cochie Canyon, acquired for conservation in 2008!
Photo by Barbara Garrison, Senior Wildlife Biologist at EPG, Inc

We take action when sensitive lands are threatened and are actively involved in land acquisition for permanent conservation. We are a strong voice for people and wildlife, and our small staff works with tireless dedication to ensure the area we love is protected.

The Coalition has faced many challenges, but thanks to you our accomplishments have been remarkable. Because of your support, over 200,000 acres of land have been purchased or leased for conservation. We were the catalyst in advocating for the construction of two wildlife crossings on Oracle Road to preserve wildlife movement between the Catalina and Tortolita mountains, where we now have over 40 wildlife monitoring cameras. These cameras provide us with valuable information about the abundance and flow of animal species that rely on this critical linkage for survival and we have the best volunteers around monitoring and maintaining them.

None of this work would be possible without your support. Thank you!

We have been leaders in changing land development policy in Pima County, incorporating sound scientific data and research into the equation. Because of this, biologically important lands have been identified as priorities for conservation with strict mitigation requirements. This is a core component of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (SDCP), which the Coalition worked to initiate. This plan is unlike any in the nation and has received numerous awards. The SDCP is an underlying component of Pima County’s land use plan, guiding development that prioritizes ecologically sensitive areas. The SDCP is further incorporated into the Multiple-Species Conservation Plan, which was finalized in September 2016 and provides the County and landowners compliance with the Endangered Species Act.

Because of your support, we have been leaders in changing land development policy in Pima County, incorporating sound scientific data and research into the equation. This has led to biologically important lands being identified as priorities for conservation with strict mitigation requirements.

Volunteers are a huge part of our work!

The Coalition reaches across the community, working with a wide array of residents and stakeholders, like you, often with contrasting ideas and values. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring these varied interests together to work towards comprehensive solutions addressing the many challenges the Sonoran Desert faces. Thank you for being a part of this community!

We could not be as successful and such a strong voice without the help from our supporters. We rely on the generous contributions and dedication of members like you and our member groups to keep our work going. For instance, our wildlife monitoring cameras are checked by a core group of dedicated and amazing volunteers, who have been responsible for making this project the huge success that it is.

Donations allow us to maintain these important pieces of equipment and continue capturing stunning photographs. Supporters provide the backing and tools the Coalition needs to address local politicians, push for positive change, and stand up for the Sonoran Desert ecosystem and wildlife. We are so thankful for over 20 years of support we have received from the community, and this has truly been the key to our success. Thank you for driving the Coalition forward to achieve many more years of accomplishments!

Just one of the many great photos captured by our wildlife monitoring cameras!

Please consider supporting the Coalition by making a donation today – we are so grateful for your time, your voice, and your financial support!

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