New Report from Save the Scenic Santa Ritas: Economic Impacts of Copper World

In June 2024, a new report was released by Power Consulting, analyzing the economic impacts of Hudbay’s proposed Copper World project, an expansion of the Rosemont Mine, for Pima County. This report is a project from Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, one of our member groups. The report takes a close look at the job projections and economic benefits promised by Hudbay, and concludes that the mine would provide relatively little economic benefit while doing serious harm to more important economic sectors like tourism, outdoor recreation, and property values.

Aerial photo of exploration drilling for Copper World expansion on west side of the Santa Rita Mountains, 2022.
Photo credit: Center for Biological Diversity

Save the Scenic Santa Ritas has worked to protect the Santa Rita mountains from the devastating impacts of mining since 1996. The Coalition has long opposed mining in the Santa Rita Mountains, including previous opposition to the Rosemont Mine and current opposition to the Copper World mining facilities.

This report will be helpful when it comes to challenging other mining operations. It pulls together broad conclusions from studies done in different parts of the U.S. and around the world. It highlights specifically that within Arizona, areas with mining activities tend to fall behind economically compared to areas without mining.

Thank you for your support of the Sonoran Desert and this important fight against mining in the Santa Rita Mountains that would irreparably and forever impact our scarce desert waterways and riparian habitat!