Full Critter Cam for Kids Curriculum – Now Available!

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The Critter Cam for Kids Curriculum was funded by a grant from the Arizona Game and Fish Heritage Fund and developed by Kelly Taylor and Charlotte Ackerman of the Catalina Foothills School District and the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection in Tucson, Arizona. Some resources used in the curriculum were provided by Saguaro National Park.

The curriculum is designed to engage 4th grade students as “community scientists” and empower them to play a vital role in conserving Sonoran Desert wildlife, while learning about the effects of habitat fragmentation and the importance of planning for and preserving biological corridors.



Curriculum development: Charlotte Ackerman – cackerman@cfsd16.org

Curriculum development: Kelly Taylor – ktaylor@cfsd16.org

Contact for Boxed Curriculum Kits, Teacher Support, Field Trip Planning, More Wildlife Camera Photos, 

Updated or Virtual Photo Sorting Options, or Biologist Talks:

Jessica Moreno – jessica.moreno@sonorandesert.org