Meet our new Desert Wildlife Interns!

Our interns are joining us for the Fall 2023 semester to help with wildlife camera database management, and more. Welcome to the team!


Jeremiah Powers

My name is Jeremiah Powers, I’m a student in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona. I grew up in the Midwest, in a small town in Michigan just a ways outside Ann Arbor. I’ve had a love for the outdoors since I was young and have always found myself exploring in wild areas. I moved to Tucson in 2017, and I have spent plenty of time up in mountains or out in the desert, visiting some of the most beautiful areas in the southwest from Sonoita to Moab, or Joshua Tree to Big Bend. I am driven by a love for the outdoors and for all the flora and fauna we share those spaces with. I’ve always been a geek for ecology;  understanding how and why organisms interact with each other and their environment is a large part of why I love wild areas. The rest of the why for my love of wild places is due to my recreating in these areas. I am an avid climber and hiker, and most of my vacation time is spent in a tent or in a remote air BnB with my wife and adventure partner. My love for these places is what put me on a path toward conservation and preservation of wildlife and the environment.


Andrew Grusenmeyer

Hi! My name is Andrew, I am currently a high school senior, and I was born here in Tucson. I love living in Tucson, and really enjoy everything that Tucson and the Sonoran Desert have to offer. In my spare time I enjoy hiking with my two dogs, Bella and Charlie, and also learning how to better identify plants and animals, birds especially. I’m very interested in what it takes to take care of the environment and hope to work for a land management agency like the National Parks Service or the Forest Service in the future, as well as go on to college for resource management or some other environmental program with a focus on conservation and biology.






Thank you to the Deupree Family Foundation for funding our Desert Wildlife Internship program! 



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