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An update on the entire race can be found at:  

10 A.M. start video

Bruce with Flag
Bruce with crew
Bruce at start
Not Bruce in an ice chest

Bruce finishing
Bruce with race organizer (finish)
Bruce with crew (finish) 

Team Coonhound day after finish


2 A.M., Tuesday, July 25th
I spoke with crew member Carolyn Campbell this morning who was heading back to Bruce to take over for the night crew.  The last she heard of Bruce was around 2am early this morning.  Bruce had reached Townes Pass summit, which is about 60 miles in, and was on schedule to meet his finish time goal and was looking and feeling good.

Yesterday, around 3 or 4 pm the temperature reached a scorching 131°.  I am waiting to hear back from the crew as soon as they get back into cell phone range to post another update.
Bruce left in the 10 am group.  There are pictures of the race on the webcast at:
Bruce is the tall skinny guy wearing the Offical Budlight Party Shirt.  Way to class it up Bruce!

More to come later….. -Sean Sullivan-

5:25 A.M., Tuesday July 25th
Pam Reed pulled at Stovepipe Wells from dehydration. 

12 P.M., Tuesday, July 25th
Runner Scott Jurek finishes the race this morning at 11:55 am in 25:41:18 putting him first among the men.

Time Split Update
After 19 hours around 5 A.M. Bruce has checked into the Third Time Station at Panamint Springs Resort.  From the Panamint time station Bruce has 63 miles to go.  The time splits are being posted here: -Sean Sullivan-

Finish Line……..He did it!!! 

Bruce finished this morning, July 26, at about 3:30.  His total time is 41:26:23, finishing in 19th place.  I have not heard back from the crew, as they are likely a little tired also, so I can only give updates on what is posted on the Badwater site. 

I would like to personally thank Bruce for putting his ever aging body on the line to help raise funds to protect the Sonoran Desert and to rescue all those Coonhounds!  Job well done.

Stay tuned for Bruce’s full update.

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