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Terra Rancho Grande

The Terra Rancho Grande acquisition is located northeast of the intersection of Speedway and Houghton Roads, near the confluence of Tanque Verde Creek and Agua Caliente Wash. This area is classified entirely as an Important Riparian Area within the Conservation Lands System. Because of its proximity to Tanque Verde Creek, the area has relatively shallow groundwater. This allows for a dense population of velvet mesquite, a keystone species in the Sonoran Desert. Along floodplains, velvet mesquite may grow up to fifty feet tall and create open woodlands, or bosques. These bosques provide excellent habitat for collared peccary and many species of birds, lizards, and rodents. Historically, bosques have been cleared for firewood, lumber and agricultural use.

Date Acquired: November 17, 2009

Cost: $1,375,000

Acres: 72.3

Price Per Acre: $19,097

Type: Fee

Bond Category: City of Tucson Jurisdictional Open Space

Project Area: Agua Caliente

Terra Rancho Grande - Gabe Wigtil

Terra Rancho Grande

Terra Rancho Grande

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