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Jan Johnson

I love to volunteer! And I love being outdoors and working on projects that help the environment! Pima County is special because there are a lot of people out there that share my enthusiasm.

The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection is so active in projects that protect and connect our desert. I truly enjoy giving my time to help where I can. I’m a retired real estate broker living for 53 years in Catalina, north of Tucson, where there is beautiful open space and scenic Catalina State Park nearby.

I enthusiastically enjoy helping keep our desert healthy for wildlife and all the humans who also enjoy the natural desert. I also love our beautiful Catalina mountain range and have spent a lot of time there. I have ridden horses and hiked in all the mountain ranges surrounding Tucson and beyond. Every range has something different to offer. I have a concern for keeping our Tucson and Pima County area “SPECIAL”.

I’ve been a volunteer for environmental projects with various organizations over the years in many areas of Pima County, including with the Coalition. I enjoy being a wildlife camera monitor near the new wildlife underpass beneath Oracle Road. I also helped with the vegetation project near the wildlife bridge over the last few months. Helping to plant a natural vegetation barrier near the wildlife crossing is very rewarding. So, you see, life is good! Helping with needed projects is rewarding! I encourage everyone to get involved.

Thank you Jan for all your incredibly hard work as a volunteer and Coalition supporter! 

Originally published in the Friends of the Desert newsletter – issue 49 – in Winter 2015. 

Jan Johnson working hard on the re-vegetation project adjacent to the Oracle Road Wildlife Bridge.

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