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Craig Civalier

Biodiversity became important to me in my college days. My hope then was to have the opportunity to actively do something about its preservation/conservation. Once the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) funding was approved by the voters of Pima County in 2006, I was given that opportunity. I am proud that I was part of the regional team that secured
approval and funding for the wildlife overpass and underpass on Oracle Road from the RTA and ADOT. Continuing in that spirit, I became a member of the Coalition and am active in the wildlife camera project for the overpass. The best reward has been knowing what we fought so hard to achieve is working wonderfully. Its success is something we can all point to in helping the region frame what is possible in the future.

Please join us, we can do great things together.

Thank you Craig for all your hard work as a wildlife camera volunteer and your incredible support as a monthly donor!


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