Susan Shobe

I grew up in Tucson and southeast Arizona; my kids are now 3rd generation at their public school here.  My heart beams to hear my kids exclaim, “Look at the vegetation!!” after a desert rain, or “The hawks have left the nest!!”, or “Dad, you need to put more sugar water out for the hummingbirds.”  We are a part of this desert and this community, and it is a part of us. Susan Shobe

I’ve been a long-time supporter of the Coalition because I’ve been inspired by the work they’ve accomplished in protecting our vanishing wild desert areas. They truly are a coalition—building relationships and working with others to find common ground while holding true to the mission of protecting habitats that will sustain the full range of our native species to the greatest extent possible.  Their work reminds us again and again what is best about Pima County, and that the hard work and dedication to saving it really can pay off.

“We are a part of this desert and this community, and it is a part of us.”

When my husband and I had our 2nd child, we decided to become monthly donors—we find it easier to budget in a small amount each month rather than to part with a large sum at once, and it provides more certainty that we are able to meet our heart’s desire to contribute when finances are tight.  We actually contribute more now, because it’s all in small increments.  We are happy to have this option that allows us to continue to support the Coalition’s great work, and we encourage all families or others on a small or fluctuating budget to consider this option.

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