Will you help us protect the Sonoran Desert?

What are your hopes and dreams for our beautiful Sonoran Desert home?

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As we wrap up our 15th Anniversary year, we are celebrating our many accomplishments, including the $174 million of open space funding that has protected vast swaths of pristine desert, the installation of the Sonoran Desert’s first wildlife overpass, and land-use policies that establish vital open space in new developments.

When we began our fundraising campaign before Thanksgiving, we set an ambitious fundraising goal of raising $15,000 in our year-end campaign with an exciting gift match of another $15,000 from one of our generous donors. When we reached that goal, we set our sights even higher to raise $20,000.

Now, it’s the New Year, and we’ve surpassed our goal!

We are so excited about your support for protecting our beautiful Sonoran Desert home! Thank you. We have been blown away by this generosity!

Even with our great success, there is still more to do and it’s never too late to make a donation. We need your help more than ever to continue the momentum we have created over the last 15 years and keep on making positive conservation gains in the Sonoran Desert.

We are gearing up to continue fighting – and winning – the many battles that arise as we work for protected and connected open space preserves. This is what the Coalition and you, our supporters, have been working towards for the past 15 years and will continue for the next 15 years!

With our efforts and your support, vast tracts of biologically important lands have been protected, leaving sensitive species with more connected landscapes and available resources. In the future, with your help, more vital habitat will be protected for the unique species we love. The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection and our incredible supporters like you are making real and positive changes for both people and wildlife in the Sonoran Desert. Thank you for all your past support, with your dollars, your time, and your voice.


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