Friends of Madera Canyon Joins the Coalition!

The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection is pleased to announce the addition of a new member group, Friends of Madera Canyon. With this latest addition, our Coalition now represents 41 international, national, and local environmental and community organizations. Our member groups contribute expertise and experience and strengthen our ability to advocate for the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan and habitat conservation planning efforts across the region.

Friends of Madera Canyon:

Our mission is to assist the U.S. Forest Service in advancing historical, scientific, educational, and interpretive programs in Madera Canyon.

Our goals are to:

  • Heighten public interest in conservation through education;
  • Assist the U.S. Forest Service in its operations, especially in its efforts to provide rewarding recreational opportunities for all visitors; and
  • Assist in data gathering and public feedback.

Friends’ members volunteer in a wide variety of positions, ranging from¬† environmental education docents to performing trail maintenance to welcoming canyon visitors at the Visitor Information Station.¬†